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Hair One vs. WEN Cleansing Conditioner – Which One Should You Choose?

Hair One vs. WEN, who will come out on top? The answer to this question depends very much on what you are looking for in a hair product, what type of hair you have, and how much you are willing to spend. The battle of hair products is nothing new to the style scene, but these two products seem to place in a league of their own.

Hair One Cleansing Conditioner from Sally has had good reviews in the area of cost. Many consumers find it very affordable. Product junkies who love having the latest and greatest will appreciate the cost, especially compared to WEN hair care products. Folks with fine hair find Hair One works best for their hair type.

WEN has mixed reviews. Some consumers say it does everything it promises. It makes their hair soft, manageable, and gives their hair moisture. Reviews show that this product is good for African American hair types. Other consumers have a different viewpoint, though. They say the product left their hair feeling dirty, grungy, and oily.

The price of WEN is perhaps the biggest debate. A lot of consumers complain that upon buying the product they were automatically signed up for a monthly membership. It seems this depends greatly on where the product is purchased from. Purchasing from companies like Gathy Renker has resulted in what many consumers call hidden monthly fees. Be careful of any website that wants you to sign up for automatic shipments of the product. Many consumers have successfully purchased this product from website like E-Bay with no negative experiences. The same seems to apply for Hair One. Be careful of any website that wants you to sign up for anything that is automatic.

Many consumers like the results they get from WEN, but do not like the smell of the product. Some consumers switch to Hair One because they receive similar results and like the smell of the product better. Both products are antibacterial cleaners, which some people are a bit timid about using. Some feel that using an antibacterial cleaning is killing good bacteria along with the bad. If you’re not a fan of an antibacterial cleaning than neither of these products may be right for you.

Both hair care systems offer salon results for a price that is much more kosher than the actual salon. Many individuals complain that going to a salon is like an act of faith. You pay a good deal of money, hoping the stylist know how to best pamper and treat your specific hair type and texture. The last thing you want is a disaster on your hands and money vanishing from your wallet. A lot of consumers have chosen their preference and find it is peace of mind. They know how much they will pay, and they know the results will be what they are searching for.

The epic battle of Hair One vs. WEN hair care is completely dependent on personal satisfaction. The ingredients of both products are comparable. The cost is a deciding factor for many consumers, causing them to side with Hair One. The results are also a deciding factor, which causes many consumers to go with WEN.

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